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Here is the final workout for basketball players!
If you guys missed Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 workouts, check out these cards below!
[Day 4 Workout]
1. Stability Ball Knee Tucks 4 x 20
2. Lunge Jumps 4 x 12 (each leg)
3. Box Jumps 4 x 8
4. Backboard Touches 4 x 15
5. Speed Dribble 10 x 15 seconds
6. Band Resisted Lay-Ups 3 x 8

1. Stability Ball Knee Tucks

2. Lunge Jumps

3. Box Jumps

4. Backboard Touches

5. Speed Dribble

6. Band Resisted Lay-Ups

Make sure you work with MJ's intensity and...

Also, if you guys would like to be updated with these lifting routines, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!

@alywoah I guess they're def more dynamic than squats or lunges haha
I just think they're fun to do idk why lol
@alywoah Ahh....I personally don't like box jumps it has def helped me gain some more inches on my vertical jump!
Yesss leg day is a great day. I lovvvee box jumps
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