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I am pretty good at eating a healthy post workout meal, but I'd say about 30% of the time I am the person in the second image. Lord knows I love cheeseburgers. So it's either that, or a thick slab of meaty steak. Protein, right? But I'd say the cheeseburger is a great option because the carbohydrates replenishes low glycogen levels, and protein...well you know. ;)

Cheeseburgers > Diet energy bar thingy

I agree i think it really is based off of your level of activity. @alywoah
It really just depends, yeah. When I was powerlifting and sprinting, I was eating burgers, whole chickens in one sitting, whole boxes of pizza -- and I that was the leanest I had been.
Tbh I dont really diet. As long as keep my workout consistent and eat alright.
Meat pancake
just depends on your goals honestly and how fast you want to get there
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