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The next tennis Grand Slam will be here before you know it. While we wait let’s take a look back at the evolution of the sport and the equipment tennis players use to serve and volley their way to the top.
The first racquets, developed in 1874, were made from ash wood, a long way from the ultra-light graphite composite models being used today. In addition to the frames of racquets evolving for speed and weight, so too has the material used for strings. Multifilament and monofilament strings are some of the best suited for today’s game, due to the amount of power and accuracy needed at the highest levels. Even tennis balls have changed with the times: from wooden balls for indoor use only to multiple types designed for different conditions and surfaces today.
String tension, footwear, and even apparel have also changed over time. The next time you head out to the court, challenge yourself by using equipment of yesteryear and see for yourself how far tennis has come over the last century.
@mchlyang it isn't that different from aluminium, you just have to be careful not to hit the ball on the frame work very hard. It's an experience, though.
@Emrys I bet! Thanks for the explanation!
Whoa...I can't imagine using racquets made out of ash wood