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1. They brush their teeth. A LOT. It's second nature in this country, they brush their teeth after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, when they are bored... the list goes on. Much better habit than munching on that doughnut! 2. KIMCHI. This magic fermented vegetable dish is what accompanies every single meal. Koreans eat TONS of this. Much better alternative than mashed potatoes in the fight against weight gain! 3. Hiking The hilly landscape of Koreans has led to hiking being a popular pastime among Koreans, with many Koreans using the weekends to go hiking in nearby mountains. Use that as inspiration my friends! Get off your butt and go somewhere 4. Buckwheat tea Koreans drink a lot of buckwheat tea, among other types of tea, and tea has excellent health properties including that of helping you improve your ability to metabolise food intake. So drink more tea now! Easy, cheap, and healthy! 5. Plastic Surgery It's sad but true. Plastic surgery is relatively cheaper and more acceptable here than in several other parts of the world, hence its
My doctor actually told me to get off the pickled vegetables b/c of the salt content. be careful!!
i love samgyapsal!!!!
i've eat this before ... KIMCHI my mom did it for me .. and i went to korean restaurant .! O.M.G the tast is so good ...... i want to eatt it again !!!!
Love koreans!!! Envy envy envy envy hehehehe
@cutiepie, I wonder the same thing when I eat it here (Korea). I think it must be bad for HBP.
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