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Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
I first saw this ad on Facebook and this is the only reason I downloaded the Vingle app, for anime! I now know a little Japanese thanks to these cards and I wasn't even planning on studying it!
@poojas I am happy to be here and I'm really happy that you're happy to accept me :3
I honestly love this page! I'm new to Vingle and one of my friends recommended it to me. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but its so much better than pinterest! I've always wanted to learn Japanese but its so hard to learn it on your own and Pinterest made it more complicated. The way these cards are made, make it so much easier to understand and you're not piling a bunch of grammar into one post! I just love this! <3
@MackenzieBrown They are all said the same way. There are just 2 systems of writing :)
Chocomayne It is the romaji "Cho ukeru ". Hiragana and katakana are 2 different phonetic forms of writing. The Romaji is using the western alphabet to write the same thing. Anyone with better understanding please correct me.
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