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Tet: You are so funny!
Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
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@MackenzieBrown They are all said the same way. There are just 2 systems of writing :)
2 years ago·Reply
lol a sentence i wont hear about myself in another language, lol
2 years ago·Reply
this is really helpful ☺
2 years ago·Reply
I'm new to this! Can someone tell me how these cards work? is "Tet" how you say "You are so funny" or is it the Romaji part that says "Cho-ukeru"?
2 years ago·Reply
Chocomayne It is the romaji "Cho ukeru ". Hiragana and katakana are 2 different phonetic forms of writing. The Romaji is using the western alphabet to write the same thing. Anyone with better understanding please correct me.
2 years ago·Reply