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This is what playoff baseball looks like.

The Cubs beat the Pirates in the NL Wild Card game last night 4-0 behind the strength of a complete game shutout from ace Jake Arrieta.
Arrieta struck out 11 and walked none, completely dominating a team that many considered to be the National League's best.
It wasn't easy, though.
After Arrieta hit two Pirates with pitches (and it looked like both were honest accidents), the Pirates went after the Cubs' pitcher and hit him in the hip with a pitch in the 7th inning.

That's not cool.

There was no reason to hit the opposing pitcher. Not in the playoffs. I get it - the Pirates were frustrated, having been completely shut down by Arrieta - but there's no excuse for that. It's unprofessional. Benches cleared and some punches were thrown. It was ugly.
Rookie Kyle Schwarber had a monster night, hitting a RBI double and a towering home run early in the game that gave the Cubs the only runs they'd need.
It never looked like the Pirates would score.
You have to feel for Pittsburgh. Two years in a row, they've had great seasons, only to narrowly lose the division to the St. Louis. I'm sure @mchlyang is bummed about the rotten luck that the Pirates have run into.
Last year, they faced Madison Bumgarner in the Wild Card game and lost, because Bumgarner was on one of the best pitching runs in MLB history.

This year, it's much of the same with Arrieta.

Now, the Cubs will go on to face the Cardinals, and I wouldn't want to face them if I'm St. Louis.

The Cubs are on fire and should be taken very seriously.

Recent sucks to be in the same division as the Cards and then face Bumgarner and Arrieta.
And even though we did hit Arrieta, the Pirates needed some motivation to get them fires up and it was aimed at his butt haha.