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So, as all of us otakus know, OPs EDs are things that convince us to either skip ahead to the action, or to jam out to them each and every episode ( unless you're watching shows like naruto and one piece where your favorite is gone within a few months >_>) As well as becoming part of our everyday music on our mobile devices. Though we all have different taste, from fast paced tempos, to the calm symphonic melodies. Now of course I have a few favorites, but I'm just going for my top 2-3 of each. List yours as well! =^_^= Simple rules List 1-3 OP ED from your favorite anime (or those you've watched), and either explain the plot behind the show, your reason for picking that song, or even both!
#3 OP: Shimoneta. With japan having the highest morals, banning all that is lewd, dirty and natural, a terrorist group called "SOX" goes out to fight for our right to all things dirty and lewd. Fighting in a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist.
#3 ED: Shimoneta...again! It's one of those tunes that are catchy, the kind that can never leave your head; especially when accompanied with a cute little dance haha. Plus the other images are pretty enticing as well ;D
#2 OP: Tokyo Ghoul Now I hope I don't have to do much explaining why I picked this anime/song. Not only is the plot amazing from the intense fighting, gruesome limb breaking scenes, but the melody just seems to slip in your ear like an earwig and stays there; gnawing away at everything haha.
#2 ED: FLCL This is the one and only, where no explanation will be given haha. If you've seen the show, then you certainly know why I picked it XD
#1 OP: Mirai Nikki (No I didn't pick this just because I love yuno 3 haha) Mirai Nikki, a psychological thriller with just as gruesome scenes as Higurashi. About people who are "future diary holders", diaries that go about predicting the future based off of the type of diary the holder had created beforehand. Now I would pick the 1st opening, but im going to do the 2nd. It's occasionally overlooked, and the scenes and lyrics give it the credit it deserves.
#1 ED: Overlord All hail lord ains ooal gown! Overlord, not your typical MMORPG anime where you have the group of protagonist heroes finding a way to escape the world they are now trapped in with the aid of other characters. Within this world, the dark lord goes about this world with the NPCs his previous comrades created. Now with a goal, of spreading his name across this new land, to conquer and in hopes of finding those he once knew
Well, thank you to all who've made it to the bottom of this, and took the time to learn of another's interest. Now I, nominate YOU, to do the same. Why not tag a few people while you're at it. =^_^=
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You guys are awesome! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a guys ideas and opinions =^_^=
I put the FLCL ED on a mixed CD I gave to my bf xD
@xXxMarllixXx it's an adventurous song :) does he listen to anime songs? Or are we subliminal messaging anime music? Haha
@WTFwaffle actually he is the one who showed me the anime. I was actually rather glad that he did, mostly because it was so different. But go's it had one of the best soundtracks to go with it as well. we don't agree on anime very often, so it was nice that both of us liked FLCL.
@xXxMarllixXx I understand that last bit definitely haha. You can say my other half, watches a bunch of girly, romance anime mostly. I'm all for mostly psychotic thrillers and action.