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There is nothing like KPOP to put you in a good mood when your having a not so great day. watching videos of your bias and their group, listening to their music, that warm feeling you get when you're listening to a good song and it makes your day just a little bit better. KPOP has the ability to bring people together from every corner of the world. Music has no boundaries and don't let anyone tell you different. KPOP makes my day better. What does Kpop do for you? Or how has KPOP helped you? I'm curious and want to read your stories.
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well i was sad I lot (idk why I dont remember) anyhoo and I was always stress cause of school, until my friend told me about EXO and fell in love with them actually before I saw EXO I was looking 1D yeah but kpop saved me and now I'm happy all the time and not so stressed about school so thank you kpop. kpop can change peoples life forever