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These cute table mummies are ADORABLE! Wait till you see just how easy these are to make! Don't bother buying these at retail, you can make these yourself for next to nothing. Plus, you get the satisfaction of creating some of the cutest Halloween projects ever (that your friends will be so jealous of)!

Supplies Needed:

2×4 wood {you’ll need 6″ in length for each one}
white spray paint
25mm googley eyes
glue gun
wood saw
brown ink
1. cut your 2×4 wood into 6″ pieces.
2. paint your 2×4 pieces white. this will take a couple coats of paint. be sure to let the paint dry between coats.
3. heat up your glue gun and cut your cheesecloth into 1.5″ strips.
4. starting at one end of the wood, wrap cheesecloth strips around and glue in place. be sure to overlap the cheesecloth so you can’t see the wood through it.
5. when you get to the end of one strip of cheesecloth, start the next. i used about 8 strips of cheesecloth to cover the body.
6. when your wood is completely covered, glue down the top strips, as shown.
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