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You probably wouldn't believe it, unless you saw it with your own eyes, but I am such a wreath girl! Loved them ever since I was growing up. And I have both, my late grandmother and my mom to blame for that! (Love you guys!!)
How cute cute cute is this pinecone monster wreath?! You are going to love it! Your kids are going to love it even more! Let's get started with this tutorial from CraftaholicsAnonymous.net.

Supplies Needed:

12″ found foam wreath form
Pinecones, in a variety of sizes
2 – 2″ smooth round foam balls
Black Marker
Green Spray Paint
Hot Glue gun with lots of extra glue sticks
6″ x 18″ piece of Orange Fabric
3″ Black and White striped ribbon
White foam board
1. First you’ll glue your pinecones to your wreath form. Attach the large pinecones first and then fill in with the small and medium pinecones.
Tip: I put my very largest pinecones around the outer edge.
2. This is what your wreath should look like at this point. Notice that you can see the white wreath form a little bit and that’s ok. After the next step, you won’t see notice it anymore.
3. Place your pinecone wreath on cardboard or a large piece of kraft paper and completely cover the entire wreath with green spray paint. It took about 3 coats and almost the entire can of spray paint to cover my pinecone wreath.
4. While the last coat of paint is drying on your pinecones, use a black marker and draw eyeballs on the 2 foam balls. I did my black eyeballs different sizes for a bit of a goofy look.
5. Using scissors, cut out 3 teeth from the white foam board. Mine are all different sizes.
6. Make a bowtie out of scrap material. (Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, cuz it's a monster!)
7. Place the eyeballs, bow tie, and teeth on the wreath and then hot glue them in place.
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