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Here are the rules:

Answer the 5 questions using GIFs! (And only 5 GIFS)
Put {Otakutober} or {OO} in the title, for Otaku October!
Tag some folks who you think would like this challenge!
Post your responses by Friday, October 9.

What was the first anime you watched?


What was the first anime/manga you ever finished?

Inuyasha was my literal life... ^__^;

Who is your favorite anime lady?

Yuno Gasai~

Who is your favorite anime man?

Sasuke Uchiha forever tbh

What anime are you currently watching?

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist
you try~
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this is so great! thanks for doing the challenge XD
That anime is hilarious xD Shimoneta cx
ok idk if this goes for movies but i am just gonna go shows. my first anime movie was Kiki's delivery service tho. Ok my first anime was inuyasha. My favorite anime is and probably always be ghost hunt. Favorite anime girl? hmm that's tricky but I'm gonna have to say Erza scarlet from fairy tail. Favorite anime male? omg Sebastian the black butler. I am currently watching 3 anime. Deadman wonderland, gun and sword, and Kyo kaze. I am on otaku and i own 8 different anime series. Sadly I have not yet seen SAO or ATOT :( I am trying to watch naruto, one peice, and fairy tail but i need to find a good website. if anyone has suggestions please let me know 😁
1. Kisxsis 2. Pokemon 3.Kobato from Haganai 4. Kirito from sword art online 5. Well watching more then one so just pick the one I'm watching the most which is fairy tale