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Here are the rules:

Answer the 5 questions using GIFs! (And only 5 GIFS)
Put {Otakutober} or {OO} in the title, for Otaku October!
Tag some folks who you think would like this challenge!
Post your responses by Friday, October 9.

What was the first anime you watched?


What was the first anime/manga you ever finished?

Inuyasha was my literal life... ^__^;

Who is your favorite anime lady?

Yuno Gasai~

Who is your favorite anime man?

Sasuke Uchiha forever tbh

What anime are you currently watching?

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist
you try~
Inuyasha is literally the love of my life!.<3
That anime is hilarious xD Shimoneta cx
this is so great! thanks for doing the challenge XD
Yeah it's not for everyone xD
There's a lot of dirty jokes, adult themes and cursing so I wouldn't recommend it for people who aren't into that sort of thing (or who are too young!) but for those who like these sort of things and are at least of age, I would recommend it. It's really funny. ^-^
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