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Halloween isn't just about pumpkins and candy. You've got to throw in some spooky elements like these esoteric crystal balls! Found this project on Flamingo Toes, which is a blog about crafts and diy projects.

Supplies Needed:

Candlesticks (assortment of heights and styles, painted black)
Clear Christmas Bulbs (70mm size)
Hot Glue
Crystal Ball shape pattern (Click Here)
1. Have your local print shop print the pdf graphics onto transparency film/paper. (This is a lot cheaper than buying a box of this stuff)
2. Follow the pattern and cut them out.
3. Fill your glass balls with smoke (see below).
How to fill your balls with smoke:
Light a candle and hold the opening of the ball just over the top of the flame. You’ll start to see the flame smoke and fill the ball.
Be careful, as this will get hot. Add a little smoke, take a break and let the ball cool off, then add a little more.
What it looks like before and after you add smoke to the balls.
4. Once your crystal ball is completely cool, roll up your transparency image tight enough to slip inside the ball. Do your best not to touch the inside of the opening, it’s full of black stuff. If it does though, it’s not a tragedy. It will just add to the creepiness of the images.
5. To get the image to stand up straight and look right, add a tiny bead of hot glue to the inside of the front of the ball opening. Press the tab on the transparency that is in the opening onto the glue bead.
6. Now you can add your crystal balls to your candlesticks! Glue them into place to prevent accidents.
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