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This is my submission for this week's {Twisted Thursday} Challenge <= Click to see the challenge.
My pick is mostly of what my friends have told me. The best to know yourself is asking those close to you. So here it is!

I've been told I'm about 90% like Sanji from One Piece~

Let's start with the looks. I am pretty tall and have long legs like he does. Not only that, but I'm skinny as well.
Of course, I don't have his good looks, but people do say I look like him. I just need to dye my hair blonde to be exactly like him apparently. (I don't see it to be honest even though it's my face and body)
To finish the look, I just need to smoke (which I do). Those who have said I look like Sanji, are always comparing me when I light a cigarette.
Believe it or not, I am a pretty good cook. I learned from my mother, starting at the age of six. Having lived in Guatemala for 14 years and my Korean nationality, I could probably cook anything from Asian to Latino cuisine.
And finally, I love women~ I can't hit any woman like Sanji, just can't.
Well, that's my "Anime Persona"!
I want to challenge @Haidurr @MackenzeBacon and @MaighdlinS to do the challenge!
Also, all members are welcome to participate in the challenge! Let's get busy people!~