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They were your friends in your head.

You watched them go on their first date, kiss their crush and get their heart broken. Although they were fictional characters, you grew a bound with them through the tv screen. Missing an episode broke your heart because you felt like you were missing out on something interesting. They were some of your favorite characters. The ones who had secret crushes they would never admit to, but everyone who watched knew deep down they would be the perfect match.
As seasons went by, you rooted for each of them, but nothing serious ever came about. If you grew up in the 90s or the early 2000's than you will probably be more than familiar with this fictional characters and the relationships they had in their head. Like most young girls, they loved the idea of someday being together, but would never come clean to their crush. I'm talking about fictional characters who should've ended up together, but never did. If a few just came to your head, I probably thought of them also. Keep scrolling to see who made the list.

Hey Arnold - Helga Patacki And Arnold

The Proud Family - Sticky And Dijonay

Doug - Patty Mayonnaise And Doug Funny

What cartoon characters do you think make a great couple?