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We all have our go to hairstyle.

The one style that is convenient and will last us throughout the day. Sometimes we get so used to wearing our hair a certain way that we don't even realize the damage that it may be doing to our hair. Who doesn't love a sleek ponytail or a messy bun on those days your running late for work and still want to look put together? Unfortunately, as well all know, too much of a good thing is not too good for you. In this case, too much of these hairstyles are not good for the health and growth of your hair.
You're probably asking yourself why right about now and the answer is how tight our hair happens to be when we do these specific styles. Before you panic, there's no problem with wearing your hair in these styles every now and then, but do all things in moderation. By the way, there are so many amazing hairstyles you could possibly choose from, but before you do check out these specific styles [seen below] that might be damaging you hair.

The Ponytail

Potential Damage: the breakage and fraying of the hair

The Messy Bun

Potential Damage: Hair loss and breakage

The Tight Braid

Potential Damage: weak hair, split ends and stressed and damaged follicles

Remember, moderation is everything. Give your hair a break.

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Omg these are my top 3 hair styles I always do! I have to stop so my hair could grow, thanks for this card hun
you are very welcome!!! I figured it would benefit someone :) @PurpleChick
Well, i always do those stile but never have any problem with the growing of my hair. My grand mama always said that if you braid your hair it would help the grow
well, you have a wise grandmother. I don't think it's the hairstyles, I think it all comes down to how tight you're doing the hairstyles @MaribelMota