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Denim on denim, the combo that just keeps on giving. After writing this card the other day about the myriad ways to work the style, I realized that five is not enough, and everyone should be educated on the ways to make the look work for them. Here are five more winning ways to wear denim on denim this fall.

1. Denim jacket over a (short) denim dress.

This works best when keeping the overall look simple, as Jaime King did above. Try with an understated denim shirtdress and a jacket over, with minimal accessories added to the look. Oxfords are great to add some polish, or basic leather booties, with black tights if the weather so requires them.

2. Denim button-down + overalls pulled down.

Denim overalls worn over a denim button-down shirt might be an option for some (and by all means, go ahead and rock it if you feel so inclined!), but it can also be a bit much. But haven't you seen when people hook their overalls and then pull the straps off their shoulders and fold over the top part? Try this, with a denim button-down as a top. This a fun variation of the simple button down and skinny jeans combo (number 1 on the prior list), but looks a little funkier.

3. Denim blazer and skinny jeans.

Unless your denim is matched perfectly, I would try this look with a lightwash pant and darkwash blazer, or vice versa. Break up the casual suit with a high-neck blouse or button-down, not in blue.

4. Denim dress over denim pants

That's right! This works with a range of styles, but I would recommend a looser and not super structured dress, over skinnier jeans (despite her choice of boyfriend jeans above). If the dress buttons up, try unbuttoning it so it fits more like a tunic, and shows more of the jean below. I also recommend mixing shades and washes of denim.

5. A Make-Your Own Co-ord.

While an all-denim co-ord/matching set sounds awesome and probably does exist, you can definitely fashion your own with a denim blouse (not button-down) and pants or a skirt in the same wash of denim. Obviously if there's matching fraying going on, that's awesome, but this is definitely a look that you can fashion out of your own existing wardrobe, given some creativity.
I think that if the denim had more varying colors, it'd look more inspiring o: but that's just me. Great card @Gavriella and you have a pretty name c:
Thank you, @Luci546! I agree that colorful denim gives us more ways to change up the look!