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They can easily make or break your mood.

The infamous one word text. We hate them so much, well at least I do. You take the time out to express yourself several words and all you get back in return is an abbreviation. Is that all your time is worth? One text? Don't worry some people still don't know the game when it comes to texting etiquette and yes, there is such a thing. Either that or maybe I'm just too into technology.
As a writer, words mean everything to me, so one word texts won't necessarily fly with me. If you've ever been sent a one word text than you know how real and annoying it can get. If you haven't be grateful and keep scrolling to see the one word texts we've all received at some point that made us want to throw our phone.

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

More times than often, the person who sends you this is not laughing and they are just sending this because what you said was meant to be funny. It can easily be a conversation ender, especially if you have nothing to say in return.

K - Okay

The one letter that signify that the person understands where you are coming from, but they don't wish to communicate with you any further at the moment. The conversation is dead. There's no turning back.

Haha - Laughing

Similar to laughing out loud, "haha" takes things up another level. In most cases, you wanted to laugh, but probably didn't. The thought of you laughing makes up for the idea of you not laughing at all.

True - I Agree

True is a word that is meant to be on exams and quizzes, not in text messages. I think the idea of a person replying back with this one word shows that they are bored and at a literal loss for words. Try texting me this and you won't hear from me for awhile. Petty? True.

SMH - Shaking My Head

The person who sends this is shaking their head whether it be in disbelief or disgust. If they send this alone without anything proceeding or following it than they are officially over you for the moment.
These are just a few that came to mind.

What one word text do you happen to hate the most?

one word texts are just frustrating in general! If I鈥檓 going to take my time to send you a thoughtful message, I expect one back! haha
it can be so annoying at times!
I hate "yeah". It's like, are you serious? that is not even a response.
What I don't like is when I'm texting someone (especially my husband) and I'm giving him a choices, for instance dinner. I can say "do you want to eat white rice and chicken or French fries with chicken" he's respond "yea" 馃槖 lol ummmmm which one dude????? Lol
馃槀馃槀oh that yeah i know i did it on porpouse @nicolejb
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