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I was challenged by @RosePark to take part in this Twisted Thursday Challenge. If I'd have to pick an anime persona I'd think I'd like to be Joseph Joestar.
Why would I want to be Joseph Joestar? Well it's simple he's a great guy and we are very similar. We both like to mess around and not be serious, we are both pretty clumsy, we both have a play nature but get serious when we need to, we both are great trolls and smart asses xD, and we both have brown hair. Oh yeah and I want to try to be as awesome as an old man as old Joseph is!
Reasons I would like to be Joseph is because he is strong as hell. He's part of one of the greatest families in all of anime.
I guess that's really all I have to say about it xD I challenge @poojas @VinMcCarthy @Moshimo
Haha Good One~ Would you also like to be as beefy as Joseph?
@RosePark oh but I am jk xD that would be nice too
This is awesome! I just made my card! ^^