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M Countdown was this morning/last night. iKon won.... by roughly 200pts. They won though they didn't show up to the broadcast and now people are calling them lazy and unprofessional. And others are calling Got7 fans sore losers. I hate this mess. I really, normally, try avoid this kind of nonsense but I had to vent/rant and I did it on tumblr...
What do you guys think? Do you think I gave legit reasons? Or is there maybe something that is shifty about the score? Either way it's wrong to blame either group and their fans
why is everyone starting a damn war on IKON? Seriously. act your damn ages. you bitching and fighting won't change the results
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@CrystalBlunt I agree I dont other fandoms should start a war like that not cool it their fult
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people need to get a life
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