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Kuhn, Wei, Hwanhee, Bitto, Wooshin
Gyujin, Jinhoo, Kogyoel, Sunyoul, Xiao
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@glostick omg SAME. At first when j watched So, Dangerous he caught my eye.... Then he just kept catching it.... He's so pretty UGH I CANT.
2 years ago·Reply
@ArmyofKookie At first him and Sunyoul were battling it out for top spot but Wooshin won!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@glostick I couldn't just choose one bias so my top 3 are Bit-to, Wei, and Xiao but then again I also like Kuhn, Wooshin, and Hwanhee. I like all of them really
2 years ago·Reply
@glostick lol surprisingly it took me only 10 minutes its easier to tell gyujin and kogyeol apart in predebut videos
2 years ago·Reply
I JUST finished watching Rising! UP10TION last night so I finally know all the members!!! My bias is Kuhn...followed closely by Gogyeol :3
2 years ago·Reply