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At first it was all about the Benjamin's.

Now it's all about what's you're purchasing with those Benjamin's. The rap game has definitely changed over the past couple of decades, but for some reason it still has what it takes to make us bob our head. When it comes to your favorite rappers, one of the main things they rap about now [even more than women] are specific designers. You had Run DMC name dropping their signature adidas brand back in the day and from there, the rest has been history.
It's all about what designer is on your wrist that your flickin' or what designer you're turning your swag on with. Okay, maybe that's taking it a bit far back, but it's pretty obvious that one thing rappers love is their designer clothing and their lyrics are proof. To see what designers rappers name drop on the regular, keep scrolling.

Song: Hypnotize

The Notorious B.I.G. rapped about both Versace and Moschino.

Song: Come On A Cone

Nicki Minaj name dropped Oscar de la Renta.

Song: Tom Ford

Jay-Z put those on to Tom Ford who weren't familiar.

Song: Versace

Migos had us all going crazy for Versace on a budget.

Song: Numbers On The Boards

Pusha T had everyone Givench-ied out after dropping this hit.
It's pretty simple.

If you got it rock it. If you don't, dance to it.