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Street Style Round-Up from Paris Fashion Week
I may have showed you the best street style from New York, London, and Milan for the Spring 2016 collections, but the four major fashion weeks of the season have drawn to a close, finishing with Paris Fashion Week, the holy grail of fashion where the street style is booming. All we can do now is reflect and draw inspiration, starting with the very fashionable streets of Paris, where fashion insiders and influencers strutted their stuff for our benefit.
Hanne Gaby Odiele is a seasoned veteran and stunning on the catwalk, but it's nice to see her on the sidelines, working some crazy vintage-inspired fabrics and casual-cool slides.
There's no way this lady acquired the dress without intention of wearing it for a fashion week. Those oversized ruffle flowers and that great skirt of gingham scream street style worthy.
What we try to look like when we wear head-to-toe black. Her head of wild curls, 90's choker, and piercing glare make this entire look cooler than cool and seemingly unattainable.
Latex boots will never be something anyone calls practical, and I will never suggest that one invests in them out of utility, but man, do they look cool at fashion week.
Layers upon layers and mixed textures upon textures. Lace, leather, and a hint of utility green? Somehow it works here, perhaps thanks to a heavy dose of black leather elements.
When you can't even tell what the garment really is, where it stops or where it begins, you learn that carrying off a difficult style is all in the attitude (and a bright pink lip).
When your hairstyle could go old-lady, but instead it looks like the ultimate cool girl who pulls off slicked-back silver hair, you know she has her personal style nailed down.
Two statement-making blouses on two statement-making ladies turning their heads just as they turned ours. Bonus points for red lips matching the accents on their clothes.
Giant coats and giant pants that somehow don't look drab or frumpy. I credit the bright colors, streamlining black turtleneck underneath, and simple pulled-back hairstyle.
If you're ever worried that your seperates match too well in color and make you look like you're wearing a uniform, channel this gal and work it head to toe.
Not only is this a case for the cheeky statement clutch, but she proves that you don't have to contrast the silly carrier with a simple or monochrome outfit. Cheeky clutch, cheeky co-ord.