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I don't know how much I should say or what so I'll just go for it. I'm a super otaku, I do have a few friends, and I'm single.
My favorite anime is Mirai Nikki and Yuno iz mai waifu. After that it's an ever changing list such as the monogatari series, elfen lied, and lucky star. But my other waifus are Holo and Black Hanekawa.
if I were to say which anime characters are most like me it'd have to be mainly Konata Izumi then the addition of Araragi Koyomi and Tomoko Kuroki. But I'd love to have konata as a friend.
One last thing, I may hardly ever post anything even if I do and if I do there maybe something offensive, I never meant offense, I only found it funny.
since this has been so long I'll cut it short... I don't have a favorite vocaloid other than miku, luka, and gumi... and I don't like anime elitist.
that is so me
nice to meet you ^_^
lol, I love that hardrive pic. I'm like that but with Yaoi, Shota, and Trap doujinshii.