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My submission for this weeks Twisted Thursday! You can see the original challenge here! ! Thanks @RosePark
My Pick is Aoi Miyamori from Shirobako! If you haven't seen this show I really loved it and I could definitely relate!
Aoi and I are pretty much in the same place in our lives. We've been working for a company/career that we 100% love and worked hard to get in to. We're also moving up but not sure if it's the right way.
Despite the fact that we love our jobs and do well. We both get pretty stressed and I'm pretty dramatic when that happens...
More dramatics.... seriously I am crazy dramatic when things are tight.
We both always find the silver lining and smile a lot. I can smile in the worst of situations, and I pretty much smile when anyone talks to me. We're also both pretty tolerant of others mistakes.
But you can't underestimate how angry we can get when you do something beyond terrible... or screw something really important up.
We also both love donuts... and I'm not kidding... bring me a donut and you are my best friend.
Lastly, thanks to our careers taking over our lives we don't have a whole lot of time for those friends we've kept for a long time. My friends and I do plan get yearly get togethers though... since I'm being moved even farther away!!!
Again I'll be tagging some new people to the community like myself. :) @JustinHilaire @Dannil7 @Lawzo
Good luck with getting back with your friends! Wish you luck! :D
@chris98vamg thanks! we do our best :)
Your welcome! @MaighdlinS
*Brings a box of donuts* are we best friends now? xD
@RosePark Yes!!!!