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As I am sure a lot of you tuned in for the season 5 premier of American Horror Story Hotel, you all witnessed the wonder that was lady Gaga, the epic set with the perfect creepy hotel vibe and the all around AMAZING costumes.
@TessStevens explained it all the good parts in her card, focusing on the new American Horror Goddess Gaga in her card right here!
But I have to say, with all of those positive vibes I am still unsure weather or not I will enjoy this season, because to be honest the first 30 minutes left me feeling sick.
******** Trigger Warning********
The vibe of the season is truly horrifying, which is exactly how it is suppose to be, especially when one of the main themes seems to be addiction. However, I think Ryan Murphy went more for shock value then story line in this first episode; and he went completely over board.
While the first crime scene was traumatizing (two cheaters fused together in the act while one is stuck dead on top and the other is still alive with his eyes and tongue removed), my real issue was with the violent rape scene directly following.
Yes, I understand that American Horror Story is suppose to "show the horrors of humanity", however a violent sodomy from a strap on similar to a knife is not only overkill, but completely unnecessary. Especially because though out it all, there was Sarah Paulson almost comically whispering to the victim that "it will all be ver if he says he loves her."
And since the story line seems to be lost amongst the various violent shock factor scenes of torture and agony, I really can not see a future plot line for the usually adorable comedian Max Greenfield, who I had to watch get violently assaulted and left unconscious and bloodied by a glittery unicorn spike looking dildo.

I am sorry but what fucking statement is a glorified, aggressive rape suppose to make?

While the last hour of the show seemed to give a bit more insight to the plot, which seems to be a lot like the first season (no one can leave because they are dead), I struggled to get over the glorification of violence, and rape.
I guess well just have to wait and see what else Ryan Murphy wants to torture us with since he already took mattresses and made them terrifying.
Liz, I totally understand where you're coming from. And I agree with a lot of what you said, but for's like watching a horror movie. We can't expect it to be a show that adheres to PC terms, that doesn't mean it's glorifying any of these things. Horror is in the title, and it means that horrific and disturbing things are going to be shown. Past seasons have had all sorts of these things happen, and though it's not right or good to's what the show is, the show is a horror story, disturbing in a lot of ways, and that's why people get freaked out and upset. It's a voyeuristic sense of danger. That's why the time slot is late and there is a mature rating. But I totally respect what you're saying here.
@alywoah you to weigh in?
@TessStevens I know I know that's why I considered now writing this because I get it it is horror all about the horror of humanity. And trust me I'm not about PC-ness at all especially in movies and shows. That scene really did just destroy my stomach