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I love talking. I love debating. And I love stating my opinion (as if you couldn't tell by my cards i.e. see all of them). But sometimes our opinions seriously should not even come into the topic of conversation let alone be validated by ANYONE. So please stop getting offended when no one validated your completely unwanted opinion during these few instances.

"You wear too much make up. I like girls who let their natural beauty shine though."

Sorry but this isn't your face to control so don't comment on my winged eye liner unless its to gush about it. Some girls like rolling out of bed and facing the world with a bare face. Others have become fucking artists with the way they use make up. Either way they are beautiful and either way it really is absolutely none of your concern.

"If you keep acting this way you will get the reputation of a slut"

Oh no; so people who judge me based completely on who I have or haven't slept with won't be my friend wahhhhh. Except why would you want to be friends with superficial people like that in the first place? How many people someone slept with is really none of anyones business and your slutty not slutty judgments super don't matter.

"wow look at her she is just so _______"

In this case I don't even want to narrow it down. Because weather you say fat, skinny, pretty swanky, prude, nerdy, stupid, gay, it really doesn't matter. Because judging someone when YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM AT ALL completely invalidates your opinion on them.
So lets all just talk about the opinions that matter, our nation at war, how beautiful someones baby is, is your best friends douchy boyfriend really worth her time? Because having an opinion on the above issues and then getting pissed that no one is listening just makes you just a jerk.