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UP10TION Screenshot Fan Club Game
Thanks for the tag @glostick Singing Duet with: Xiao
Your number one fanboy: Kuhn
Names you as his ideal type: Wei
The one you actually like: Kuhn
Dating scandal with: Wei
Acted as a couple in your MV: Hwanhee
Asked for your number: Gyujin
Fans ship you with: Hwanhee
Dances your groups songs all the time: Kogyeol
Didn't get Wooshin nor Jinhoo... Quite disappointed but Hwanhee and Wei are aight 馃槣
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@KpopGaby Sorry hun
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It's okay @glostick I'd be happy with either of them ^^
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@KpopGaby Well I'm glad you liked it!!!
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@glostick I'll always like these games! Suspenseful and fun haha 馃槃
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