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In 1993 I was working at Charter Hospital of Savannah, in Savannah, GA. I worked on the Adolescent Unit with troubled teenagers. Some were emotionally and psychologically disturbed, results of genetics or of severe life-long abuse. Others were behavioral problems or they had issues with drug and alcohol abuse. I worked 3pm-11pm shift for about 2 years then I switched to 11pm-7am - so I would work at another hospital 3pm-11pm. I would get back to my tiny apartment around 7:45am, shower and be in bed by 8am. I'd wake up at noon and be on campus by 1pm. I'd take my classes and then be at hospital number 1 for work by around 3:30pm. I did this for a full year before burning out and needing a break. Anyway... it was well known by the patient population of the unit I worked at Charter that I was somewhat of an illustration savant. The kids were not allowed to hang up posters or do anything that would be typical of what a teen usually does to personalize their living space. But I worked out a deal with the hospital unit supervisor and the physicians who ran the unit that if I felt a patient had done something really good towards meeting their therapeutic goals I could do them a drawing and they could keep it in their room. This became a big deal for many of my comic book loving patients. The deal was if they did something that was a big step towards working out their therapeutic issues they could request any superhero they wanted from me. The patient that requested this drawing of the Wolverine gave it back to me when he was discharged and on his way home. He told me that at his house it'd only get torn up by his younger siblings or thrown in the trash by his mom. And he really loved this drawing and wanted it to survive. To date, it is the ONLY one of my "reward drawings" to have found its way back to me. True story. Go Wolverine! :D
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@JonPatrickHyde that's a really important message! I think that can be true of any creative outlet. Especially when people are young, I know young kids and teens often feel really overwhelmed by everything they're going through, and unlike (some) adults, they don't yet have the tools they need to deal with their feelings in a productive way. Which can lead to destructive behavior. But creative outlets, where there's a task and a goal that's both entertaining and fulfilling can be REALLY beneficial. It's a very useful tool. Personally I found that acting was the best outlet for me. Maybe it was the structure and routine, maybe it was that it gave me a social outlet when I had difficulty making my own. Experimentation is really good, and who knows it could become a major passion if not a career further down the road!
@JonPatrickHyde I always try to encourage my daughters to think outside the box and to draw whatever their minds want to draw. I love how open they are. Thank you for your encouragement as well
@DestinyyRose check this out ^_^
wow that was a good story. and very good drawing. @shannonl5
@DestinyyRose - Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and like the drawing. ♡