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I did marketing consulting in the music industry for about 4 years... I worked with guitar makers and musicians. I decided to do a "test" of how the meme phenomenon and viral marketing via social networks actually worked. I took a bunch of pop culture - iconic images from various popular movies and even historical works of art - and I used Photoshop to add guitars to them. I then set them out into the internet via FB, Twitter, and a couple of music specific social sites to see what would happen.
The results were mixed depending on the site and the targeted population.
What was fun was that before long I started seeing avatars for people I didn't know on different social websites - they were using the memes I'd created.
I tried to have a sense of humor about them.
These are some of my favorites. But you have to know that the very first one was of Magneto. LOL. That's my hand holding a bass guitar neck. I then cut it out and put it into the image. It's the same hand and guitar - just reversed for the Vincent Vega photo. Ahhhhh... Photoshop. What evil you can help me perpetrate. LOL.
thank you. I actually did dozens. I should do a card with them all.
I can probably see to create a card for the fan art community with them. some are pretty out there. lol
@JonPatrickHyde I would love to see them!
Ha! That's amazing ^_^
@JonPatrickHyde definitely!