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They LOVE to eat. Everything in sight. Just like us.

They dance when no one is watching pretending to be Beyoncé. Just like us.

They sleep in really awkward positions and drool. Just like us.

They love making out and super romantic moments that oddly aren't romantic at all but it's all for the Instagram picture...right? Just like us.

They get just as freaked out when they receive your nude in snapchat or they see bae's status update that is totally subtweeting your least favorite person in the world. Just like us.

They try to reinvent themselves. They try to be cutting edge. They try to see if one little difference will make them unique. Just like us.

Always dancing with the squad, always. Just like us.

And most importantly, THEY POOP. JUST LIKE US. OMG.

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I want to know which of these celebrities are trying to dance like Beyonce.