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My AVID teacher has been on our asses to start finishing our College/University applications and I was making my Curriculum Vitae (CV or Resume) and like for Skills I had NOTHING to put but learning Korean because of K-Pop... Someone please help me find my skills LOL. My friends kinda expected me putting something Korean related in my CV XD
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I have just wasn't sure about the Korean one @drummergirl691
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@KpopGaby Conversation Korean is still a skill! Also, @drummergirl691 is right! You can add creative writing and blogging. If you lead a challenge or ran an event in the Kpop community you can also say you have "Leadership skill"!
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@cindystran Alright, now I have a lot to edit before I print them out and hand them out to teachers for recommendation letters
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@KpopGaby Good luck!
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