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The 10 Commandments of Lifting Weights

Alright beefcakes, here are some commandments that should be honored as a lifter. In the name of the bro, the meathead, and the holy protein. Go forth and be a good bro.

1) Thou shalt be an iron hogger, especially when gym is busy.

2) Thou shall be kind and courteous to your fellow meatheads.

3) Thou shall not throw weights on the ground. If thou can lift it with ease, thou can place it on the ground with ease.

4) Thou shall ALWAYS re-rack weights. Be a grown-bro, not a child-bro.

5) Thou shall offer to to let people work in.

6) Thou shalt offer broscience to fellow meatheads.

7) Thou shall offer to spot.

8) Thou shall wipe bro sweat from machines, benches, and equipment.

9) Thou shalt harass bro-girls.

10) Thou shall be a good example of a good bro.

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@alywoah thou shall listen to his bro-isdom and thou shall marvel at his bro-wesomeness
Bro-Jesus has spoken, Bruh!!!
Brothers in iron unite!
Bahahaha what's 'broscience'? Can that be another card?
He has spoken bro truth. @ChriSingularis
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