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This is the anime persona challenge made by @rosepark! Here is his challange with all the info. Everyone should do it! ^.^ Basically you pick an anime character whom you think resonates with yourself sooooooo with out further adieu My Anime Persona is:


I pretty much grew up with Kagome and I just now realized how much of an effect this anime actually had on me during adolescence now that I'm thinking about it. But yea soooo Kagome you guys
She can be girly, overly excited and in her mind sometimes.
She can be curious.
She has spiritual energy, pretty mentally strong and can be courageous when she needs to be.
She can get upset and annoyed but on the flipside she also can be very understanding.
And she is caring and compassionate even when it is hard to be.
....But really I'm more like

Esdeath FTW

mwahahahaha Just kidding Just kidding ...or am I?! Okay so I chooss @ButterflyBlu @AlexanderBeta @SierraWilson16 If you've already been chosen then whoopsie. Actually you've been double chosen, whoop whoop!
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Omgee that makes my heart happy, I love it. and Naruto?! YES ^.^ I look forward to seeing your card! @ButterflyBlu
A compasionate and curious Kagome with a bloodlust for war, gotcha xD
Baha, I'm a contradiction what can I say ;p @RosePark
Haha, twist at the end =)