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So @RosePark's challenge made me think....what kind of anime chracter am I? I have multiple personalities and they change who I'm around. .. . . . FIRST UP, MY I HAVE TOO MANY FRIENDS WHERE I'M TOO OVERBEARING! PERSONALITY
I become....Kouha? Yeah....Kouha. *bright smile* Yasee....when I'm around my friends, I get excited, when I get excited....I become the pyscho laugher you hear everynight in the distance. Which translates to Kouha. NEXT UP, MY REALLY MAD PSYCHOTIC SIDE (PRETTY SURE I SPELLED THAT WRONG BUT EHH)
When I get mad, I rarely get mad just so you know, I just become this really Joker-like person yaknow? And the only anime character I know is just like that is......Minerva. I know, I know. You hate, I hater we all hate her. But yeah.....I'm 25% of her. MY REALLY FUN SIDE THAT LOVES HUGS AND RAINBOWS
So this is the personaility you see everyday on Vingle! Happy, on going, very gullible and well...a fangirl!!! taghing time cause I forgot hours ago: @biancadanica98 @VinMcCarthy (Although, I'm sure you did it...) AND @poojas!! :)
And my phone's about to run out of battery so I'm also gonna add the question... D O W N H E R E
Yeah I just had to use V and Jimin cause.....they look cute like that. Ignore the fangirlness in the background and feel free to answer the question!! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT GUYS!!!
Interesting haha We can laugh manically together then xD also you just need to tag 3 random people to do the challenge to finish the challenge~
This is interesting. I've actually never thought about something like that before haha. Oh and not to change the subject but who is the character in the middle in the top picture?