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This week the news community has had several discussion on some pretty big issues. But some growing themes I’ve seen are centered around journalist integrity and gun control.
Both of which are issues right now. With BBC editing some of their documentary footage, many readers are become critical of their favorite British news platform.
When it comes to gun control, there is no shortage of news. Obama reached out and stated his opinions on the issue, and since the Oregon shooting there has been an new wave in the movement.

And then...This happened...

PEOPLE Editorial Director Jess Cagle used his Editor's Letter to address the frequency of mass shootings in America, and provided contact info for all the members of Congress to get people reaching out.
He created a mostly celebrity themed news magazine into a political statement. A magazine platform that does have an interest base, but remains pretty much out of the political scene.
They are People magazine. But when it comes down to it aren’t most magazines like this supposed to remain relatively unbiased?
So from this I have two questions for the news community.

Considering how you feel (personally) about gun control, would you consider publishing what this editor did?

Should magazines and news platforms be able to have political opinions?

Let me know what you all think :)
My opinion on guns lines up with @RobertMarsh. I'm very much pro guns, but also pro education and pro psychology. Instead of looking at the weapon wouldn't it make more sense to look at the mind? As far as the editor publishing his opinions I'm in direct agreement with @Kamiamon. He has a public platform. Why not publish it? We all should be able to voice our political opinions. I thought it was a smart move on his part. And we should all know by now that the news is highly biased. For example, FOX is pro-Republican and doesn't hide it. That's just life.
ultimately news platforms are run by people. people have opinions. I would publish it. If you have an opinion, and you have a platform, it's stupid NOT to say how you feel. Though most magazines publish filth, lies, and fluff those pieces are still written by people with opinions. For now, in the US our speech is still protected so why not? Is the editor of People now unrelatable because he has an opinion on gun control? Does his opinion have such weight that it tears at the fabric of your being and enrages you? That's your problem, not his.
@nicolejb I believe that if the magazine has the funds and the following that will listen, then they should use it to their best ability. But that's just my opinion.
Biased opinions do tend to sway the audience in one direction, usually for, or against the author. Most companies wouldn't want to risk that, but if it gets them more popularity then why not; although it's just a very touchy subject. As for how I feel personally about it gun control, I would've posted it. I have a hard time believing that America is filled with so many evil people, that they all are psychopaths. I feel that most murders are brought on by impulse, and could be prevented if people had to actually try to get a weapon. America is known for how easy it is to get a gun, and it's a huge catalyst for someone who wants to commit murder. People need to realize that all of these mass shootings aren't normal.
@tessstevens, "Objective" in this context, means focused on the object, which is the reported matter, and not on the subject, which is the reporter and her or his opinion. So of course, no reporter can be completely objective, and this is not what the readers expect, but those who believe in objective journalism say that the tendency should be, to be as objective as possible. My journalistic writing teacher used to tell us, "Think many times before you write, 'I' "...
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