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Does anyone else remember those times (by this I mean the 90s) when movies used to have a licensed theme song that sometimes had the lead actor performing in the song? I mean, the only two examples I can really give are both Will Smith with the movies Wild Wild West and Men in Black but that's two more than most people remember.
The folks at Nerdist produced a video and a song that does this exact thing except with the upcoming Goosebumps movie and Jack Black (see below).
The song, to be honest, is not all that great. I mean, it's sort of obvious that the people involved are doing this in jest. But the greatest thing about this video is all the references to the old Goosebumps books.
A bunch of the lyrics are titles to old Goosebumps books (Say Cheese and Die!) and the beat in the background is a remixed version of the theme song from Goosebumps television show from the 90s.
For people who had grown up through the 90s -- such as myself -- this is such a treat because it allows me to live a little nostalgically for a couple minutes without feeling completely shitty and lame for actually wanting to go back to a time where things were a little easier for me.
Anyway, this did the job and I am still completely excited for Goosebumps to be released on Halloween.
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