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Hi Everyone! \(^_^)/

Just wanted to give you all a quick rundown on the rules of participating in the Vingle Anime Figurine Giveaway Event.

The 2 members with the most LIKES on their comments in the COMMUNITY win! ^_^

This means all the LIKES on comments you make on anime cards between October 8th and October 31st count!

Here Are The Rules:

Comment on MANY cards in the community! Comments on any card in the anime community count!

Making MEANINGFUL comments. Thoughtful comments are more likely to get liked~

Avoid comment spamming, that is, commenting multiple times unnecessarily.

Again, put some thought into your comments. Keep them RELEVANT to the card that you are commenting on~

This event is to encourage everyone to participate in the community and get to know each other so have fun commenting on cards and meeting and talking to other awesome community members! ^^

Tagging everyone that commented on the original event card:
@RosePark @VinMcCarthy @SeintoSeiya @EliseConroy @loftonc16 @FrankilliMambo @RaquelArredondo @ashleykpop @SierraWilson16 @otakukpopgirl @NerukaWong @TrexinS @WTFwaffle @HannahPrentiss @AinsleeHill @Eddy2020 @MarkKibe @EthanAdkins @biancadanica98 @Summerelder21 @LillyBruce @AshleeMarie94 @javaughnbrown @KyleSearl @AndrewThompson3 @HessenGalan @vivaramones @zororasto @AndrewThompson3 @NovaOzi125 @JunkoXXX @VonLotus @MasonCaban @hollysenpai @dgdragonboy @Benjikirigaya @Baelit @Cager @gamerkiller @Sweetcookicats @Nasiepawz @IsaacEnriquezLp @BrandonHogan @CharlesHetzler @CharlesHetzler @lordeath666jp @Mituna @MatthewLanter @VonLotus @zayzay7 @djdans05 @jittuas @AndrewThompson3 @DanielMaman @IsraelAngeles @ChrisDyho420 @Benslegend @aSpireSnake21 @Bambam6 @FlameOtaku @BloodStrider @gabrielpgalindo @RyuzakiLawliet @Jscstorm @Mituna @DanielMaman @ConnerThompson @Jscstorm @KylaBirkholz @LelaniPerez @BrodyChurch @S92pk @Shippudenguy21 @mubenga @DavidGrant @JosephSoderlund @EricMeraz @stawse99 @ampedup1110 @articpenguin147 @JoohnCena @dgdragonboy @KrissyKadooka @carriebearxo @Hypercreeper35 @AdrianSantos @MidnightBeauty @trin1991 @snowLopez @albert1631 @MaxwelOda @halotomax @AprilNapier @ZombiePred4tor @navarromia4 @AlexMendez @ZachDaniel @CaitlinDavis @AshelyJewell @Jolzz @GabeOwens @emmajohnson12 @ampedup1110 @KrystenAllen @Fenris93 @corinazurk @EmperorAsianInv @SonGohan @TatiJonesy @CarlosG @KevinRodriguez1 @BailiFerrell @gabrielpgalindo @eduardochagooll @yumatsu13519 @FluffyFlorence @SuperiorAshKetc @FranciscoMoctez @SonGohan @Keola96792 @SammiWood
"I do not fight because I want to win. I fight because I have to win." ~Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo please
I got tagged that makes me kinda happy lol :)
@Mituna Lol, that's fine as long as you read the card haha XD
HI I'M MITUNA CAPTOR WHATS YOUR NAME (I'm sorry I do this when I'm tagged in things)
I belong to something. Now then time to start planning to conquer it and create a civil war. Should take 150 manga chapters, or two seasons of anime
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