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so as many of you know...I been struggling with my bias thanks to this dork^^ But I have decided he is my ultimate bias now. Here's why...
Just like me...He's got swag✌✌
Our fashion senses are so similar, seriously this is how I dress almost everyday..
These explain themselves haha
He's gorgeous
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@amandamuska Same!! haha its like this is a normal thing or something😂😂
like idk what store thier shopping at cause i need to head there i think its Korean boys for us or something idk @KatelynSummerso
@amandamuska We'll find this store lol
lol ill be shopping everyday psst i wouldnt leave my family would be like wheres mandi she hasnt come back out @KatelynSummerso and i hope their free cause im going to be poor
I loved that man from the first time I saw BTS. I was watching the video for Just One Day and he was rapping and I realized I couldn't stop staring at him through the entire video. I would literally search for him throughout the video like "WHERE IS HE?!? I KNOW HE IS HERE SOMEWHERE!!" I love him and his little Squirtle smile. He has an adorable lisp and his lips are life......'Nough said.