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I know I've made a card before but guys, the Facebook Page Bangtan Hearts has a wonderful project for us A.R.M.Ys, which is to write a letter to our wonderful boys, apologizing over the whole TGM Events incidents. The limit is 7 letters which is basically one for each group member, but if you don't know what to write for each member, you can write one letter for the group in general. For more info or questions, please go on the page. If you have any other friends that may be interested, PLEASE pass on the message. Let's make our boys happy ^_^
wait what happend???
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@otakukpopgirl I've heard that from BTS Highlight Tour, TGM was disorganized and BTS along with fans were yelled at. A lot happened which I cannot say since I'm not fully clear about but you can find cards in Vingle and maybe look through Google since I'm pretty sure you'll find a lot of info from it.
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what is the page?
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@Rhia Bangtan Hearts
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@jgallegos222 are u in
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