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A husband and wife, happily married. A new addition to the family. A baby boy, healthy as an ox. New life created together, two lives intertwined by another. Boy is now two. To young to understand. But an experience he will always remember. Screaming, shouting, anger and rage thrown around the room. Inner demons clawing, scratching, gnashing their teeth. Mother walks out in fury, bags in hand. Door slams behind her never to open from her hands again. Father drops to his knees, wails out in agony. Tears falling, in hopeless, useless tragedy. The father picks up his son and showers him with love. The father also becomes the mother, a safe haven for his son. Too the boy his father is his hero, his one and only superman. My safe haven.
Ahhh ok I see. Mahalo @cenasenpai
It should be too because of the context
I apologize for the grammar. Please explain for me though? 😊 @cenasenpai
Nice poem but the incorrect use of the word "to" is bothering me