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{APF} Zen VS. Zero!
Zen Wistaria VS. Zero Kiryu! This week is a duel between two white/gray haired men! Everyone who sees this and everyone that participated last week, please participate again. I love participation! @bribarbour99 @ButterflyBlu @NerukaWong @NerukaWong @poojas @RaquelArredondo @shantalcamara @sherrysahar @AkiraCondry @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @CheniseLewis @corinazurk @KennyJohnson @VinMcCarthy @shannonl5 @XavierLopez @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @ashleykpop @KhrystinaLee @JessicaChaney @Arellano1052 @chris98vamg @Akberg @WilsonRivera @SunnyV
Zen Wistaria - Akagami no Shirayukihime I am currently watching this and I'm not that far into it but I fell in love with this character right away he is so sweet, smart, brave and hot. I mean he has white hair what more can you want? He's a Prince and isn't afraid of anything!
Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight So Zero is super hot, a vampire, gray hair, uses a gun to kill vampire's and despises them even though he's one himself... Then again I can think of some negatives such as he's a coward and afraid to say what he wants and take action. But I still like him! My vote goes to Prince Zen all the way, he's perfect!
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