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Prepare to lose all faith in the kindness of anonymous strangers.

Okay, this one's actually pretty awesome. At least there are still a few funny nice guys out there. Archer FTW!

So this is why I'm not longer on Tinder. No thank you!

Oh, and have you joined the {{Love & Relationships}} community yet?? Come party with me and my awesome buddies, and learn how to REALLY find romance! (so you don't have to deal with these Tinder jerks!!!)
I don't know what Tinder is... but wow. that's some scary and funny stuff.
i was never on tinder and i dont want to thanks for the warning
I had a girl ask me if she could sit on my face, and have me eat my way to her heart... I didn't react like an ass hole though, I thought it was funny, especially since I don't get that often
Oh my God. These are all awful! hahah Modern dating is hard lol. It is funny though, how ridiculous things can get when people want companionship!
My favorite was the, "So you wouldn't have anywhere to sit except for my face" Hahaha That's actually pretty damn good XD 馃槀 I know me saying that probably put a huge, "I'm a gigantic douche of epic proportions" sign on my back, but I'd like to think, even if I'd never use it and don't condone the usage of this stuff, I think it's okay to see the comedic side of this stuff XD That set up was awesome.
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