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Prepare to lose all faith in the kindness of anonymous strangers.

Okay, this one's actually pretty awesome. At least there are still a few funny nice guys out there. Archer FTW!

So this is why I'm not longer on Tinder. No thank you!

Oh, and have you joined the {{Love & Relationships}} community yet?? Come party with me and my awesome buddies, and learn how to REALLY find romance! (so you don't have to deal with these Tinder jerks!!!)
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I don't know what Tinder is... but wow. that's some scary and funny stuff.
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha @JonPatrickHyde you know Tinder! The dating app with the swiping??
2 years ago·Reply
nope. I actually don't know what it is. I've heard of it but I figured it was like instagram or something.
2 years ago·Reply
@JonPatrickHyde I thought so too
2 years ago·Reply
Annnnd this is why I won't even THINK about Tinder. (...Even Though a couple were funny!)
2 years ago·Reply