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You remember the pokerap, right? The cute little song from your childhood that rapped through all 151 original pokemon to a funky beat? Well now that there are over 700 total pokemon, you would think that a pokemon rap is out of the question.
That's not what Collegehumor thought. They figured "Hey, let's do a new pokerap. LET'S DO A POKERAP WITH ALL THE NEW POKEMANS. WHO CARES ABOUT THE TIME IT'LL TAKE!?"
So, lo and behold. There is a new pokerap.
And it is as absurd as you think it would be.
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@thattonegiirl are you diabetic?
@VinMcCarty yes type 1
beyond epic lol
dang that was nice, but that dude thou", I think his son need some help, lol I hope the money was worth it.
Dam theres alot more pokemons from the last time i watch it