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Awhile ago, I had written about my experiences of working out with my ex-boyfriend. Couples who workout together are pretty glamorized. It's not always all sunshine and sweet-gym-nothings. Although my ex and I were both gym buffs, we were different sort of athletes. I was into weight training and powerlifting, and he was into running-- which was OK. But sometimes, we just wanted to do our own thing.
You can actually check out that card here: The Gym Couple: Lovers Or Fighters?
I think that I am at a place where I would workout with a significant other again, but I think I would prefer a partner who was more into weight training. That's totally NOT a must, just a plus. It goes along with having common interests.

Do you workout with your significant other? What is/was that experience?

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whoa @xxchicharitoxx what kind of terrible experiences?? if you don't mind me asking of course lol.
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I LOVE working out with my guy!! I used to date this guy who was almost an olympic rower, and working out with him was suuuuper motivating ;) hahahaha. Love watching those muscles go!
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@allischaaff no it's cool. my ex-boyfriend was into weightlifting , which is cool because I'm into it too it just, he was a asshole to put it simply. lol. he always made fun of me when I couldn't lift a certain amount, and then he had this annoying habit of ridiculing me and anybody else he saw when they couldn't do anything he could. he technically was a cocky and waaaay over his head when it came to working out. he always made fun of people that didn't look like they worked out regularly. and he had this nasty habit of constantly arguing with me to do more weight then I could handle his excuse being " I was being a coward for not doing it, and the only way I would get better is if I listened to him." I also couldn't workout by myself, he'd get really annoying if I tried to go out and do my own solo workouts. I like to do a lot of cardio , running us my thing and he hated cardio workouts, all he ever wanted to do was weightlifting. I mean it probably doesn't sound bad , that bad. but it was horrible to deal with. I actually workout at a different gym because I don't even want to bump into him at my old one.
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@xxchicharitoxx oh my gosh he sounds like a nightmare. Maybe he had low self esteem....What a shame! I can't work out with people like that. I used to workout with someone who made me feel like crap when I lifted. So I stopped working out with them. It's like...if you're not going to support me, why on earth are you working out with me??
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@alywoah he was. 馃槄 maybe he did, I don't know I'm just glad I can work out by myself and focus on the workouts I want too. yeah working out with someone who constantly makes you feel shitty makes you want to work out less, at least in my opinion. I can't imagine a person who would be able to deal with that. but I'm still open to the idea, if I can meet someone who's not as annoyingly aggressive and actually motivating.
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