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Awhile ago, I had written about my experiences of working out with my ex-boyfriend. Couples who workout together are pretty glamorized. It's not always all sunshine and sweet-gym-nothings. Although my ex and I were both gym buffs, we were different sort of athletes. I was into weight training and powerlifting, and he was into running-- which was OK. But sometimes, we just wanted to do our own thing.
You can actually check out that card here: The Gym Couple: Lovers Or Fighters?
I think that I am at a place where I would workout with a significant other again, but I think I would prefer a partner who was more into weight training. That's totally NOT a must, just a plus. It goes along with having common interests.

Do you workout with your significant other? What is/was that experience?

I LOVE working out with my guy!! I used to date this guy who was almost an olympic rower, and working out with him was suuuuper motivating ;) hahahaha. Love watching those muscles go!
whoa @xxchicharitoxx what kind of terrible experiences?? if you don't mind me asking of course lol.
personally I'm iffy about the idea of working out with my partner, I've only had terrible experiences. I would be down to try it again though. it'd be more fun and more motivating to have someone there pushing you to do better.
SQUUAADDD , Jk I workout solo dolo. Get in-get out. Thas it
my girl and i actually met in the gym, i joke with her saying that she tricked me into thinking she loved lifting weights like i do... Now on the rare occasions when we do hit the gym together she does pretty much all cardio and after my 30 to 40 min cardio session i don't see her til its time to leave. @alywoah
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