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I was tagged by @RosePark to participate in this challenge. Here is the link to the original card.
Kikyo Here is a link to her profile/biography.
Kikyo is a young priestess who devoted her life to helping others, protecting her village, and be the protector of the scared jewel. Ahe killed many demons, but fell in love with Inuyasha. Tragically, she was killed by Naraku. However, she died thinking it was Inuyasha. Later, you will find out that Naraku was jealous of her and Inuyasha's relationship and sold his soul to some powerful demons. Naraku was able to shape shift into Inuyasha and kill Kikyo in the form of Inuyasha. Kikyo felt betrayed and when the real Inuyasha found her wounded she saved enough strength to pin him to a tree with her scared arrow.
When she was brought back from the dead she hated Inuyasha cuz she still thought he was the cause of her death. However, the resurrected Kikyo is the opposite of her former self.
Last kiss...
I feel like I can relate because just like Kikyo I feel like I have to be a certain way to please those around me. I can't just be like everyone else. My peers can turn up and experiment but I have to study hard and go to church. I want have that moment like Kikyo when she returned and she didn't give a F@&k! She enjoyed being somewhat a normal woman. I'm finding myself to be in that transition where I live for me and screw everyone else.
Kikyo is also strong. She was kicking butt in this show.
will do
@JoshuaThompson if you make a card tag me. I would love to see it!
hmm u have no idea
I feel the same way :\
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