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Hey what's up? I'm new here and I need your help to get better understandment in this app.
Hey guys I'm new here and I want to have a blast with each and everyone of you. I hope we get along and we can show each other cool stuff. I don't have perfect grammar but I'll do my best in every way that I can. I speak Spanish,English and a little bit of Japanese. I hope we can learn from one another. I like your Japan culture a lot such as anime, manga, fashion, TV shows, movies, Japan history( specially samurai history). I'm from Puerto Rico soon are we moving to Delaware (United States). I want to start a career of a voice actor or voice over ,musician I like to to music and do some comic books or manga. If you want to know me more than you know what to do and please teach me how to use this thing. xD
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@RaquelArredondo sii, ESO espero :)
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I'm new too!
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@sdavidah awesome :D so I'm not alone :)
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@MigeruTenshi77.. Hello!!! Hola!!!Welcome to Vingle where you can hang out with people that like what you like..lol..if you have any questions you can ask anyone we are here for everyone..this is like a BIG family.. Bienvenido!!!
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@luna 1171 gracias this app is great. so me gusta we are a family
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