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I love anime. I love manga. There are great stories in them. There are amazing set pieces, and action, and super powers. There are awesome adventures in some, and delicate romances in others.

In every story there are amazing characters.

But these aren't the reasons why I began really loving anime.
What really began my love for anime was how I could relate to so many of the characters. In many of my favorite animes, the main character, or one of the characters, has the intense feeling of loneliness. They are isolated for one reason or another, and often find themselves without friendship, or someone to care for them.
For a long time I was like that. Lonely, without any real friends around that cared about me. I was kind of adrift. So seeing some of these anime characters feeling the same things, albeit in different (and sometimes exaggerated) situations made me feel more okay. It made me feel less alone.
Nowadays things are different than they were. I have some amazing friends who I love and love me, in our own weird ways. I have a girlfriend who I'm crazy about and who's pretty keen on me too. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have found my nakama.
But the lessons from anime still run deep. Not just about feeling lonely and then finding friends, but protecting those friends at all costs when you've found them. Your nakama are your pride, your life. These are the people you swear by.
My friends are like my Team 7, or my Pirate Crew, or my Guild. They are the people who have my back, and so I have theirs. No matter what. And anime is something that has helped to instill those values in me. So that is why I love anime/manga.
How about you guys in the community?
all of us can just get together and be your pirates ;p
I thought about this for a minute. For me I've always had friends, though I was the "weird but cool" friend. Still I had a lonewolf mentality. Not too many of my friends watched anime so it was something I did alone for a long time till I met my dude/father of my child, my animate/soulmate ^.^ Anime has always been like a therapy session for me. Something I can get lost in, resonate with, or think about even though it's in the world of fantasy. It keeps me believing in "magic" and my mind young and creative but also reaches my old soul as well. Ah I don't know if I'm conveying my feelings on it correctly but anime has always been there for me I guess you could say ^.^
great read. sadly im luffy in episode 1. still looking for my pirate crew. lol
That's great! I feel the same way! I really relate to shows where someone is outcast for being different, and then they find someone that loves them no matter what.
@jeremy1980 Hang in there, they'll find you!
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