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There's a difference between arguing and fighting.

When it comes to fighting, it usually occurs to doing either physical or verbal harm to another person. Most people would consider an argument a fight, but in actually they are totally different and heres why. An argument implies that two people have simply disagreed on a subject. Now whether those two people can resolve the disagreement is solely up to them. It does not resolve around negativity that forces harm upon a person in any way and if it does, that's a fight. In relationships, it's natural for a couple to argue.
We are so used to arguments being placed in a negative category, but at the end of the day those arguments [as petty as they may seem] might just be saving your relationship for the best -- see how below.

Makes the communication stronger.

Being able to both voice your opinion allows your significant other to see things from your point of view. Often times we hold back our thoughts because we are afraid that they won't be accepted in a way we would like, but if you're able to communicate even through arguing your point might just get through.

You're both entitled to your own opinion.

Of course you can voice your opinion, that's why it's called freedom of speech. If your significant other doesn't agree, so be it. Try your best and stick to your guns without feeling the need to cave. You are able to think how you want to think.

Gives you a chance to work out your issues.

If you have an argument, talk it out. It's okay to get frustrated. It happens, but be sure to stand your grown while also listening to what your partner has to say. This gives you both the opportunity to compromise and work through your issues even if you don't end up fully agreeing at the end of the day. Your bond will be much stronger.

Making up is the best part.

Don't let a little argument get you down.