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What anime character am I most like? Well... I'd have to say that I'm kinda like Kirito!
I LOVE video games, especially alternate reality, and augmented reality games! A whole new world, within our own! They do use a fair bit of data though... Not only that, but I'm also a beta tester! I test all sorts of games, still in the development stages! One of the most noteworthy being First Assault, for the PC.
When I am in the zone, I am in the ZONE! When I'm focusing on something, it's like I'm an unstoppable whatever-I'm-doing machine!
I LOVE RESTING!!! Though I can get the job done when it needs to be done, I still find a lot of enjoyment in the smaller things, such as a nice grassy patch on a warm summers day.
Okay, fine. Technically speaking, Asuna is not Kirito... but hey! They're from the same anime, so cut me some slack! I has mad cooking skillz!!! Maxed them out a bit ago!
I daydream... a lot... I'll be paying attention to something important, and then a world starts to build around me... often in the mountains, in the snow. Yay! Dreamland!
Uhh... hey... are ya there? Pardon me for boring you to death. I tag @WTFwaffle @rainbowdeamon12 and @SoulEaterMaka . Go make something more interesting than I did! Thank you for nominating me @littlemaryk !!! Aaand thanks for the awesome challenge @rosepark ! Link to the contest info:
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answer me this everyone if the nerve gear came out with SAO would u all play it I would even if it meant I would get stuck there cause lets face it that is our world
@JamesGonzales I probably would. XD
@VinMcCarthy There's a few interesting ones out there for sure! But Microsoft is such a big company, that 75% of the people will go with the Hololens.
@AlexanderBeta i will make sure to look for u in that world lol
@JamesGonzales Ha ha, try Googling it. 😋 Ingress.