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Suggestions for shows to fight...the withdrawals @_@
This is how I've been the past few days. After spamming every 12 episode anime I find within a night/morning time, I'm sort of freaking out due to boredom...oh, and yeah, the withdrawals. Now usually this is the part where I say my type of anime, and ask for suggestions due to that...but no. I want to hear what you suggest I should try and watch. Thank you all, who assist me with this endeavor \/_\/
Well if you are looking for short and funny I suggest "Devil as a part timer" but its only in subs still
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My friend keeps suggesting it haha, but, I'm in the need. I'll check it out :)
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You should watch Chuunibyou it's short and sweet
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@Griffin1415 I already love it haha
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You should watch Daily lives of highschool boys! Good anime!
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